Yearly Subscriptions

Current Musicology is published twice annually. Issues are numbered consecutively without designation by volume.

Because of discrepancies between year of production and actual date of publication, please specify the desired year when ordering a subscription. Subscription year 2005 corresponds to the special 40th-anniversary double issues no. 79–80 (Spring–Fall 2005), published in 2006.

Back issue rates are applicable to issues more than three years older than the current issue; more recent issues should be ordered at the subscription rate.

Please note that triple issues, such as the Jazz Studies Issue Nos. 71-73 (Spring 2001–Spring 2002), require payment of two consecutive subscription years accordingly.

Please see also information on ordering back issues as well as how to access the journal archives in electronic format.

Year Subscription Rates

Prices are subject to change.

Individuals: $31 Students: $20 Institutions: $39 (Add $15 postage for all orders outside of North America)

There is a $6 discount for subscription agents.

Payments may be made by check.

Please make checks payable to Current Musicology, and include payment with order. Payment must be made in U.S. dollars drawn through U.S. banks.

All payments and claims should be sent to:

Attn: Subscriptions Manager Current Musicology Department of Music Columbia University 614 Dodge Hall, MC 1812 New York, NY 10027