Submission Guidelines

Submissions should consist of the following:

  • A cover letter including submission title, author’s name and contact info (email and postal address);
  • An abstract of no more than 250 words;
  • A Microsoft Word version of your submission (PDFs are unacceptable).

Submitted articles may range in length from 18 to 30 pages (roughly 3500 to 9000 words) and should be double-spaced. Please contact us if you’d like to submit a manuscript outside of these guidelines.

As submissions are reviewed anonymously, the author’s name should not appear on the typescript.

Key Aspects of CM House Style

  • The author-date system should be used for in-text citations in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition).
  • Endnotes (not footnotes) may be used, but should be reserved for matters peripheral to your main argument.
  • Your paper should conclude with a list, entitled ‘References,’ citing all authors/works to which you refer.
  • As a general rule, please refer to any musical examples in order of appearance as “Example x,” illustrations as “Figure x,” tables as “Table x.”
  • A list of full captions of musical examples, tables, and figures should be included on a separate sheet.

Additional Considerations—Guidelines for Publication

  • Authors must obtain permission in writing to quote from music or poetry under copyright and should include a copy of the permissions file with the submitted manuscript.
  • Figures and examples should be submitted individually as high resolution (1200 dpi) TIFF files. Handwritten material will not be accepted without prior arrangement with the editors.
  • Any artwork must be submitted at size (i.e., 100%). Art should be in EPS, TIFF, or PDF format.

To submit a manuscript, please click here.