Literature Review

Emcee Ethnographies: A Brief Sketch of U.S. Hip-Hop Ethnography

Published Feb 21, 2020

Hip-hop has become a popular subject of academic discourse, serving as a medium through which members of several disciplinary communities can engage issues of race, representation, aesthetic, gender, class, and performance, to list some of the most frequently evoked topics. This discussion explores the aims and procedures of contemporary ethnographies in conjunction with those of traditional… Read more

From Idea to Institution: The Development and Dissemination of the Orff-Schulwerk from Germany to the United States

Published Sep 25, 2019

This literature review focuses on the history of the Orff-Schulwerk (translated literally as “Orff-Schoolwork”), conceived by German composer Carl Orff as an improvisatory, natural approach to music and movement education. The history of the Orff-Schulwerk and its journey to the United States can be divided into three distinct phases: first, its origins in 1920s Munich;… Read more

Telling Tales: A Survey of Narratological Approaches to Music

Published Jun 11, 2019

Of the various hermeneutic approaches to the study of music developed in the last half century or so, narratological analysis has gone further than many in navigating a path that draws on both cultural and structural contexts. This overview of the development of narrative theory in music charts the course of three “waves” of narratological… Read more